How to Floss Your Child’s Teeth: Our Top Tips

If you have not been flossing your child’s teeth, now is the best time to start! Flossing is a critical part of preventive dentistry for kids. It helps prevent common oral health issues like gum disease and cavities and ensures your child’s teeth stay bright, white, and healthy.

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Behavior Management: An Alternative to Sedation Dentistry

While we offer sedation options for patients of all ages, we also focus on behavior management techniques to help children overcome fears, understand dentistry, and empower them to care for the future of their smiles. 

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How Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Work? Understanding The Basics

Silver Diamine Fluoride (also called SDF), is a powerful anti-cavity agent used by many dentists to help treat minor cavities and remineralize the area.

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Is The Tooth Fairy Real? The History Of The Legend

If your little one is losing their baby teeth, you may be introducing them to the ritual of leaving their teeth under their pillow in exchange for money or goodies. Have you ever wondered where the tooth fairy myth originated? We did some digging to find the origins of this fun character who makes tooth loss more fun for children!

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