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Adolescent Care: Dentistry to Keep Teens Healthy

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The Importance of Teen Dental Care

Dr. Sal & Dr. Yasi not only treat kids teeth, but new adult teeth as they come in. Plus, they have strategies to help pre-teens and teens keep their new teeth healthy and happy.
Dr. Sal & Dr. Yasi love treating your kids as they grow, and are happy to see young adults coming home from college.
Get early monitoring for common dental health issues like periodontal disease and cavities.
Our dentists will support you in keeping up with your child’s oral hygiene routine.
Orthodontic screenings will ensure that oral development is on the right track.
Preventive adolescent dental care will help your child avoid the need for restorative treatments.

What are some common teenage dental health challenges?

According to the American Dental Hygienists Association, teenagers face unique challenges that younger children do not. As your teenager’s mouth reaches a certain stage of development, orthodontic issues can creep in. The Little Royals checks for these issues during each routine appointment to ensure that your child’s development is on the right track. Healthy eating habits also play an important role in a teenager's oral health. Diets loaded with sugar and carbohydrates pose a challenge to adolescents and teenagers, so you’ll receive all the support you need from our team at The Little Royals to ensure your teen is on the right track.

How often should my teen come to the dentist?

Any child, no matter how old, should see a dentist every six months. This ensures that preventive measures are taken to help your teen or pre-teen avoid common dental health issues like cavities and periodontal disease. Visiting a dentist regularly also make your child more familiar with the process and will help them avoid dental anxiety in the future.

What can I expect during an adolescent dental appointment?

Adolescent appointments typically include a comprehensive exam, cleaning, dietary and oral hygiene counseling, as well as X-rays when needed. Our dentists will address any issues or abnormalities that we see and work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to get your child back to optimal health, if necessary.

Why should my teenagers keep seeing a pediatric dentist?

Pre-teens and teens go through a lot of developmental and emotional changes as they transition into adulthood which can often lead to forming unhealthy habits, such as dietary changes and poor oral hygiene practices. Risk for cavities and gum disease increases in these years as well. Having a dental home that can monitor and address brushing habits, dietary habits, and prevention techniques, and can also follow up on their dento-facial development, is essential.

Our Reviews

"Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi are super caring. They put their patient care above anything else by providing genuine and honest dental advice. I highly recommend The Little Royals to anyone seeking great care for their kids’ dental needs."


"My three kids love Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi. They had so much fun at their check ups and can't wait to come back!"

AMY h.

"You won’t be able to find better dentists for your child! Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal have hearts of gold and truly care about each and every one of their patients. It’s so evident that patient care is their number one priority."


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