Do Baby Teeth With Crowns Fall Out on Their Own?

Pediatric dental crowns are used to restore or protect a baby's tooth and keep it healthy until the permanent one is ready to take its place.

But if your child has a dental crown or is about to get one, you might be wondering how this will affect their permanent teeth. 

Will the crown fall on its own when the time comes, or should you take extra steps to protect your child’s proper oral health development? 

Keep reading to find out the answers. 

How Pediatric Dental Crowns Work

Pediatric dental crowns work the same way as those made for adults. They are custom-made tooth caps that get cemented on top of a natural tooth. 

Their role is to protect a natural tooth from damage and restore its size and function after extensive treatment. 

Note that the pediatric crown isn’t attached to the gums of the child’s tooth. As a result, the crown will fall out with the baby's tooth when the time comes. The adult teeth slowly dissolve the baby tooth’s root, causing it to loosen and fall out naturally. 

What Should You Do If Your Child’s Pediatric Dental Crown Falls Out? 

If you notice your child’s pediatric crown has fallen out, you can schedule a dentist appointment to double-check the crown because the permanent tooth is growing. 

A pediatric dentist will inspect the child’s mouth and make sure their oral health is developing properly. 

Note that pediatric crowns can fall out for other reasons as well, such as:

  • Dental damage: Further damage to the baby tooth, like cavities, can cause the crown to fall out.
  • Trauma: A fall or direct blow to the mouth can knock out the crown and the baby tooth;
  • Improper cementation: The crown may have come loose because the cement wasn’t applied properly from the beginning;
  • Damaged crown: Chewing on a hard object may crack or chip the crown and cause it to fall out. 

In most cases, the baby tooth will remain in place if the dental crown falls out. 

Still, seeing a pediatric dentist at this time helps you rule out any of these scenarios or get your child the proper dental care. 

How to Maintain a Pediatric Dental Crown 

Maintaining pediatric dental crowns involves a few easy steps:

  • Brushing and flossing the child’s teeth daily
  • Adding more fresh fruits and veggies to their diet
  • Reducing snacks, especially sticky and sugary ones
  • Not chewing on hard objects
  • Taking them to the dentist for routine appointments and cleanings 

How The Little Royals: Dentistry for Kids Can Help 

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