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Emergency Dentistry at The Little Royals

Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi offer same-day appointments if needed for dental emergencies.
Restore your child’s smile and minimize their pain after an emergency.
Our knowledgeable team knows how to handle emergencies with compassion and efficiency.
Avoid complications and more severe issues by getting care immediately.
Dental Emergencies

Some common dental emergencies that require immediate attention include toothaches, swollen face from a toothache, trauma that has caused cuts to the lip/tongue or face, a broken tooth, a knocked out tooth, or a broken/misaligned jaw. In the case of any of these listed emergencies, please call our office at (561) 510-1450 so we can help guide you through the next steps and schedule a follow-up appointment as needed.

What to Do In a Dental Emergency

Some common things to remember when handling a broken or knocked out tooth emergency: Any fractured permanent tooth fragments should be collected and stored in cold milk and brought to the office. Any knocked out tooth should be grabbed by the crown of the tooth (not the root) and briefly rinsed with cold water, and replaced into the tooth socket immediately. If you aren’t able to replace the tooth safely, be sure to store it in milk or the patient’s saliva and bring it to the office immediately. Knocked out baby teeth should not be put back in.

Same-Day Appointments

We provide same-day appointments for our patients with dental emergencies. If you're experiencing a dental emergency and need to schedule an appointment, call ahead at (561) 510-1450 so we can make the necessary preparations to accommodate you.

Our Reviews

"Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi are super caring. They put their patient care above anything else by providing genuine and honest dental advice. I highly recommend The Little Royals to anyone seeking great care for their kids’ dental needs."


"My three kids love Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi. They had so much fun at their check ups and can't wait to come back!"

AMY h.

"You won’t be able to find better dentists for your child! Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal have hearts of gold and truly care about each and every one of their patients. It’s so evident that patient care is their number one priority."


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