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Kid's Preventive Dental Care: Healthy Smiles for Happy Stories

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Children's Preventative Dentistry
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Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal provide gentle care in a friendly environment and spread enthusiasm for oral health and hygiene habits.
Regular six-month checkups and teeth cleanings are the key to maintaining a healthy smile.
Preventive care like dental sealants and fluoride treatments can prevent and even reverse tooth decay.
We use the latest technology and techniques to detect cavities and other issues as early as possible.

The Importance Of Regular Checkups And Cleanings for Kids

Regular teeth cleanings and oral exams are critical for your child’s oral health. These biannual appointments allow Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal to track your child’s oral development and ensure that their bite and teeth are forming correctly. Regular checkups also help prevent cavities and other dental health issues. Cavities are the most common preventable childhood disease in America, and preventive care helps you and your little one avoid the stress and pain of tooth decay. In some cases, if we are able to find decay early enough, we can prevent cavities from forming.  Please come see us if you are located in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens.

Our Priorities: Helping Your Child Build the Proper Dental Habits

Dentistry is about more than just what we do in the office. Routine appointments give us the opportunity to help you, as parents, encourage your children to take proper care of their dental health at home. Preventive care starts at home with proper daily hygiene habits. We prioritize dental education for children and parents because we want to set your little one up for success and a lifetime of total wellness.

How Can Fluoride Treatments Strengthen My Child’s Smile?

Children are especially prone to cavities due to high sugar intake and improper brushing technique. Fluoride treatments can help prevent cavities and strengthen your child’s teeth. Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that has the unique ability to “remineralize” teeth after enamel has been weakened by decay. Fluoride treatment is quick, completely painless and non-invasive, and you’ll have peace of mind that your child’s teeth are better protected.

How Do Dental Sealants Work on Children?

Dental sealants are often used to protect a child’s molars from cavities. A dental sealant consists of a specialized resin that is applied to the deep grooves of your child’s molars to help shield the tooth from direct contact with bacteria and acid.

The Importance of X-Rays

At The Little Royals, we use the latest in digital radiography, which means the highest and safest standards for all of our patients. As the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry explains, “Dental radiographs are valuable aids in the oral healthcare of infants, children, adolescents, and individuals with special needs. They are used to diagnose and monitor oral disease, evaluate dental alveolar trauma as well as monitor dentofacial development.” The need for dental x-rays is on a case by case basis, and our dentists will determine your child's needs based on their individual risk factors with the goal of minimal exposure and maximum protection.

Make an Appointment For Your Child today

Here at The Little Royals we provide a comfortable dental experience for young children. We know how important it is to get your child's dental health off on the right foot and we will work with them to accomplish this. Contact us today to start your child's dental health journey.

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Shay H.

"My daughter had a great first dentist appointment experience. The office is beautiful and clean and Dr. Sal was very knowledgeable. He took his time and was very patient with my daughter. I couldn't believe how well my 19-month-old daughter sat while getting her teeth cleaned. She loved the artwork and felt very comfortable with the dentist and staff. They went out of their way to make sure my daughter felt comfortable in her new surroundings. I loved this office and would highly recommend them."

Alison K.

"Our first visit was this morning with Dr. Sal and now it's hours later and I have not been able to stop telling my family and friends how incredibly happy we are that we found The Little Royals. The office is extremely kid friendly. It's set up for kids of all ages and families of all types. This was my 2-year-old's first visit to a dentist so of course everyone was a little apprehensive. Dr. Sal and his staff made all of us feel so comfortable and I appreciate the extra time, patience and care he gave us. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Jupiter, this is it. This is where you need to go."

Ana E.

"If I could give them 10 stars I would, hands down the best dentist I’ve been to. They really knew how to handle my son and his nerves and made him extremely comfortable. Dr. Yasi and her staff were very welcoming and explained everything in detail! Glad to have found my son's new dentist!"

Shahrokh M.

"2 of the kindest and most caring people i know. most knowledgeable pediatric dentists around."

Sarah D.

"These two dentists are both extremely kind and caring. They are excellent with my children (16 and 6)! I have noticed that they are committed to continuous learning and always strive to provide the absolute best care to all children they treat."

Justin G.

"What a great experience our little man had for his first dental appointment! From the moment you walk in, the atmosphere is welcoming, staff is friendly, and Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi made sure to give you all the time you need and provided great education! It was an amazing experience from beginning to end!"

Kelly S.

"Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal are intelligent and compassionate doctors that we really feel lucky to have found. It makes such a difference to be able to trust the dentists when your little one has a difficult situation like we did, and we will be going back for regular care! A great team."

Ashli H.

"The environment is welcoming and comfortable for children. The staff is absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend parents to bring their children, they will most definitely enjoy their visit! My daughter is already asking when we will be back!"


"This was the best experience myself or my children have ever had. Dr. Sal was so patient with my toddler and so accommodating with my teenager. The hygienist was so comforting and helpful to both of my children. We will definitely be visiting The Little Royals for all of our pediatric dentistry needs and we've already told all of our friends!"

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