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Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal specialize in dental care for children of all ages.
When your child feels comfortable at the dentist from a young age, they are less likely to develop dental anxiety.
We build long-lasting relationships with our patients and offer comprehensive treatment at every age and stage of dental health.
Our focus on preventive care and education helps your family build lifelong oral hygiene habits.
What Is a “Dental Home”?

The concept of a dental home refers to the unique relationship developed between a patient and their dentist. This term is used to describe a dental office where a child goes for regular, ongoing dental care as they grow.

At The Little Royals, we strive to be a comforting dental home for your children, from infancy through young adulthood. We want to empower your children to form positive oral hygiene habits and understand the importance of caring for their teeth. With our preventive and comprehensive dental services, we look after your child’s smile with thorough, accurate care.

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Dental Home?

Finding a dental home has a variety of benefits for kids. Seeing the same dentist every six months ensures that we get to know your child’s oral health so we can pick up on even the most subtle changes or issues. A dental home also makes your child feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist, which prevents them from developing dental anxiety later in life. It is estimated that dental anxiety or phobia keeps about 20% of Americans from seeing a dentist, even when they know they need treatment.

Bringing your child to The Little Royals regularly is the best way to get the preventive care they need to maintain a healthy smile for life. During routine visits, we discuss common parent concerns such as thumb sucking, diet, teeth cleaning, and more. We always take the time to make sure you are well-informed about your child’s dental health.

What is Anticipatory Guidance?

Anticipatory guidance refers to the information and advice we give to parents to help them understand the health and development of their child. These conversations help you understand what to expect throughout your child’s oral development, but we also provide guidance on diet and hygiene habits to keep your child’s oral and overall health optimal. Have questions about your child’s oral health? We’re just a phone call away. Reach us at (561) 510-1450.

Our Reviews

"Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi are super caring. They put their patient care above anything else by providing genuine and honest dental advice. I highly recommend The Little Royals to anyone seeking great care for their kids’ dental needs."


"My three kids love Dr. Sal and Dr. Yasi. They had so much fun at their check ups and can't wait to come back!"

AMY h.

"You won’t be able to find better dentists for your child! Dr. Yasi and Dr. Sal have hearts of gold and truly care about each and every one of their patients. It’s so evident that patient care is their number one priority."


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