Why Is My Kid Grinding Their Teeth At Night? Common Causes & Treatment For Grinding

If you suspect that your child is grinding their teeth at night, you may be wondering why this is happening, and what your options are to resolve the issue. In this blog from The Little Royals: Dentistry For Kids, we’ll take a look at everything that you should know about kids and teeth grinding.

Signs Of Teeth Grinding In Kids

First, how do you recognize teeth grinding (bruxism) in kids? Here are the most common signs and symptoms.

  • Grinding or popping noises when your child sleeps, caused by the teeth grinding and moving against each other.
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain when chewing or biting, caused by the pressure and stress placed on the teeth when grinding frequently.
  • Your child may complain of jaw pain, soreness, and tightness. This is due to the overuse of jaw muscles at night when grinding the teeth.
  • Unusual wear & tear may be present on your child’s teeth. This must be diagnosed by a dentist. 

If you notice one or more of these signs of teeth grinding, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sal Colombo or Dr. Yasi Colombo right away.

Common Causes Of Teeth Grinding In Kids

Why is your child grinding their teeth? Here are a few common causes that may cause children of all ages to develop a teeth grinding habit.

  • Stress and anxiety – Just like adults, kids can respond to stress and anxiety by clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth, even at night.
  • Bite problems (malocclusion) – If your child has a bad bite, their teeth may not fit together properly, and this can create jaw imbalances that contribute to teeth grinding.
  • Pain response – If your child has an earache or is teething, the pressure of grinding may provide them with some relief from their pain or discomfort.

The best way to find out the cause of your child’s teeth grinding in Jupiter, Abacoa, or Palm Beach Gardens is to schedule an appointment with a dental office like The Little Royals: Dentistry For Kids.

How To Treat Teeth Grinding In Kids

About 20-30% of all kids grind their teeth at some point, and most grow out of it. But if your child has a serious grinding problem, you may need treatments such as:

  • Lifestyle changes – Addressing sources of stress and anxiety and ensuring your child feels calm and relaxed before bed can help them relax and prevent stress-induced grinding.
  • Orthodontics – Correcting the bite position can help with grinding, and ensure that your child’s teeth do not get worn down by frequent teeth grinding.
  • Night guards – A night guard looks similar to a retainer, but is usually only worn on the upper teeth. It’s made of a plastic material and prevents direct tooth-to-tooth contact when grinding, which protects your child’s smile.

To find out what may help with your child’s grinding, contact our office for a consultation today. 

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