Pediatric Dentist Vs. Family Dentist – What’s The Difference, And Does It Matter?

If you’re looking for a new children’s dentist in Jupiter, Abacoa, or Palm Beach Gardens, you may be wondering if your child should see a family dentist, or if you should visit a pediatric dentist like Dr. Sal or Dr. Yasi Colombo.

What’s the difference, anyway? And does it really matter which type of dentist your child visits for their routine care? Get the answers you need in this blog. 

Family Or “General” Dentists Treat Patients Of All Ages

Family dentists are also known as “general” dentists. This term refers to any kind of dentist who has a dental degree. All dentists must go through a four-year program to earn their degree (DDS or DMD).

However, despite using the term “family” dentist, these dentists don’t have any special schooling or a specialization in treating kids. They treat patients of all ages. 

In fact, this is sometimes a selling point for family dentists. It can be convenient to get dental care for your whole family at the same office. You and your kids can see the same dentist, which makes things easier when you’re planning routine dental visits. 

Pediatric Dentists Are Specifically Trained To Treat Children 

Pediatric dentists are not the same as family dentists. For a dentist to call themselves a “pediatric dentist,” they must have specialized in pediatric dentistry after dental school. A pediatric dentist must earn a DMD or DDS from a four-year dental school, but this is not where their education ends.

After earning their dental degree, a pediatric dentist will need to go through a 2-3 year postgraduate residency program, where they will be educated on every aspect of pediatric dental care and treatment.

This means that pediatric dentists, generally speaking, are more effective at treating kids. They have a better understanding of the oral health issues facing children, offer more specialized services, and are usually more child-friendly in general.

What’s A Better Choice For My Family? A Pediatric Or Family Dentist?

At The Little Royals: Dentistry for Kids, we believe that children are better served by pediatric dentists, not family dentists. Your child sees a pediatrician, not a doctor for adults. Why should they see a family dentist who does not specialize in pediatric dentistry?

Kids face very different oral health challenges than adults, and their mouths grow and change at an astonishing rate. To make sure your child gets the best possible care, we highly recommend seeing a pediatric dentist in Jupiter, such as Dr. Sal or Dr. Yasi. 

Not only will your child get more specialized care, but they will have a great experience at our office. With our friendly, child-focused approach, fun decorations, and comfortable environment, your little ones won’t have to dread their dental visits.

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