How Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Work? Understanding The Basics

Silver Diamine Fluoride (also called SDF), is a powerful anti-cavity agent used by many dentists to help treat minor cavities and remineralize the area. When applied once per year, SDF halts the process of cavity formation and strengthens the surrounding tooth structure.

This non-invasive treatment is an ideal option for children who have minor cases of tooth decay that could progress into more serious cavities, or for kids who are not yet comfortable having a crown or filling placed. Here’s everything parents should know about SDF, its application, and benefits:

What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a liquid substance that is made up of silver, water, and fluoride. These components each have unique properties that help protect and strengthen teeth. Silver is a strong antibacterial agent, which helps kill the bacteria in the area which cause cavities. Water provides a liquid base for the mixture, allowing it to flow properly. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has the power to help strengthen and remineralized tooth enamel, even after tooth decay has damaged its surface.

How Is Silver Diamine Fluoride Applied?

A liquid form of SDF is topically applied, meaning Dr. Sal or Dr. Yasi will “paint” it directly to the surface of your child’s teeth. First, gauze or cotton balls will be placed near your child’s teeth to prevent saliva from contacting the surface of the teeth. Then, any remaining moisture or saliva is removed with a suction tool, and SDF is applied to the decayed area. Once the SDF dries (this takes about a minute), the area is rinsed and a fluoride varnish may be applied.

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SDF is a useful way to halt the process of tooth decay. If you think that your child may have a cavity and you’d like to explore all of your restorative dentistry options, including SDF, schedule an appointment at The Little Royals: Dentistry For Kids right away.

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