Fillings In Baby Teeth, Are They Necessary?

Some parents might assume that their child's permanent teeth will start the classic process of going to the pediatric dentist, but that’s not the case. Most experts recommend seeing a specialist once the baby teeth first start to appear.

While they are considered temporary teeth that will eventually fall out, it’s still incredibly important to care for them properly. After all, everything can tie into the child’s long-term dental health.

But hearing that your child might need a filling for one of their baby teeth can be confusing. After all, is that necessary?

Why Are Fillings Even a Thing for Baby Teeth?

Dental fillings are usually required in the case of a dental cavity. The dentist has to remove all the infected tissue from the tooth and depending on the severity of the cavity, it can leave behind a hole of different sizes. A dental filling is designed to fill that hole and restore the tooth to its full function.

Cavities can occur with baby teeth as well, as a result of having too many sweets or an improper at-home dental hygiene routine. If your child has a cavity, the dentist can add a dental filling once they remove the infected area to close the area.

Even if the tooth will eventually fall out, the child will still need the full strength of their tooth to eat their food, talk, and preserve their healthy bite.

Don’t Postpone Your Child’s Visits to the Dentist!

It’s not true that all cavities cause pain. Yes, they can be painful if the cavity is large and eats away too much of the tooth, but in its beginning stages, it can go almost completely unnoticed.

Unfortunately, untreated cavities can be bad news for your child’s oral health:

  • Cavities can lead to infection if not treated properly.
  • The cavity might be a symptom of improper dental care for your child’s specific needs.
  • Poor dental health in childhood usually leads to poor health in adult life as well.

Fortunately, routine visits to the dentist can reduce these risks tremendously. The pediatric dentist will inspect your child’s oral health and spot any concerning issues before they become bigger problems, including new cavities that may be forming.

When spotted quickly, the dentist can apply a dental sealant instead of needing to rely on filings. The sealant protects the tooth from new bacteria affecting its tissue and can be a great option for children who are prone to getting cavities.

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