Do Cavities in Baby Teeth Really Need to Be Filled?

Hearing the sound of a dental drill can make even adults a little bit nervous. So if you’ve noticed your child is dealing with a cavity, you may be wondering if you really need to take it through that process and get a filling.

Moreover, since it’s just a baby tooth and will fall out anyways, can’t the cavity just be ignored?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Generally speaking, cavities in baby teeth need to be treated right away to help protect the child’s oral health. Whether the treatment in question is a filling is another matter entirely.

Why Baby Teeth Cavities Can’t Be Ignored

Primary teeth are much thinner than permanent ones. Even though they will begin to fall and be replaced, they actually require a lot of attention.

For one thing, improper oral hygiene can lead to cavities forming, which quickly grow and can become infections. Tooth infections don’t just affect the teeth - they can spread to the surrounding tissues.

Moreover, it’s important that baby teeth fall when they are ready to - and when the permanent ones are ready to erupt. Premature baby tooth loss can lead to improper permanent tooth development that needs to be corrected later on through braces.

How Are Baby Teeth Cavities Treated?

If your child has a cavity, it may not need a filling at all. During a consultation, Dr. Sal Colombo or Dr. Yasi Colombo will closely inspect the tooth and determine the best way to treat the tooth based on how big the cavity is.

Some methods that can be used include:

  • Remineralization - If the cavity is in its beginning stage and there isn’t a hole formed in the tooth yet, then the tooth might be remineralized through tooth brushing or even a fluoride treatment;
  • Dental sealants - Also for smaller cavities, the dentist may be able to clean the tooth and apply a dental sealant which can prevent bacteria from spreading and making the cavity bigger;
  • Dental filling - Large cavities will need to be drilled to remove all the infected tissue. The dental filling is then added on top to fill the hole and restore the tooth;
  • Baby root canal - If the tooth is infected, then it may need a more complex procedure such as a baby root canal (similar to an adult root canal). In these cases, the child may even need a dental crown to cover their natural tooth.

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The best way to know for sure what your child’s oral health needs is to see Dr. Sal Colombo or Dr. Yasi Colombo for a consultation.

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