Avoid Unnecessary Dental Work by Asking These Questions

Taking little ones to the dentist is not exactly the usual idea of fun for either kids or their parents, but it’s an important part of their oral health.

But, sometimes parents can wonder whether the recommendations from the dentist are truly necessary, especially when it comes to more complicated or complex procedures.

So the next time you take the little one to the dentist and aren’t sure if the dental work recommended is truly necessary, ask these 5 simple questions:

1. Why?

The dentist is there to also provide guidance, so it's OK to ask why they are recommending a specific treatment or course of action. This is an essential question both for your child’s dental health, but also your own when you find yourself not entirely sure whether you need a specific procedure.

2. What Happens If We Do Nothing?

The recommendation should always come attached with a benefit that ties into the child’s long-term dental health. Ask the dentist what happens if you postpone or even skip the procedure they recommend to fully understand how it ties into the child’s oral health.

3. What Are the Risks Involved?

Dental procedures come with benefits, but they also can have risks. It's important for parents to fully understand the risk and know exactly what the procedure involves, so they can make a more informed decision for their child.

Because sometimes, the risks can genuinely outweigh the benefits. Usually, dentists will take the time to explain at length the risks of any procedure, but it doesn’t hurt to ask especially if you have questions about topics the dentist didn’t cover.

4. Are There Safer Options?

Dentists don’t want to cause you or your child any harm, but even so, there may be other solutions to address the child’s dental needs than the ones they are recommending. 

Recommendations from the dentist are usually made while taking into account what is best for the child but if you have any doubts, ask about your other options. Most dental procedures have many alternatives available. 

5. Can I Get a Second Opinion?

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you still aren’t sure the dental work recommended is truly necessary. Patients can have difficulty with this because they worry about insulting the dentist or questioning their expertise, but this is not the case.

It is your right to get a second opinion, so if you have doubts, don’t agree to any dental work until another specialist sees your child.

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