5 Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Little ones can have a hard time going to the dentist. Fear can run high even for adults, so it’s not surprising your child might not be too happy about the prospects of seeing a dentist.

Parents can be equally anxious at this time, especially regarding some of the potential treatments or medication required, such as sedation. But, sedation dentistry is nothing to worry about, and The Little Royals: Dentistry for Kids has prepared a short blog post to debunk 5 common myths about sedation dentistry:

1. Sedation Is Only for Adults

Sedation is not exclusive for adults and can be really helpful for children in need of dental treatments to help them feel calm and relaxed during the procedures. Many forms of sedation such as laughing gas are considered perfectly safe even for children!

2. Sedation Will Put Your Child to Sleep

Some do, but not all of them. Laughing gas and even oral conscious sedation will make your child feel more relaxed and calm their nerves, but they will not be put to sleep like in the case of general anesthesia, which is only necessary for more complex dental surgeries and procedures. 

3. Sedation Is Risky and Unsafe

There are risks associated with all types of medication and dental treatments. However, if your child does require sedation, the type which will be recommended is chosen only after the dentist reviews their medical history. Not only that, but sedation is administered by trained professionals and the child is continuously monitored throughout the entire process to ensure their safety.

4. Sedation Is Only for Lengthy and Painful Procedures

It’s true that sedation is usually recommended for lengthy procedures where the child would need to remain calm and relaxed for multiple hours. However, sedation may also be recommended for children who are dealing with high levels of dental anxiety, in other words, are too scared to sit through an appointment. 

It’s also recommended in cases where the child cannot physically sit still or keep their mouth open for lengthy periods, such as in cases of children suffering from certain disabilities.

5. It’s Best to Avoid Sedation or Wait for the Child to Get Older

Sometimes it is possible to opt for some sedative alternatives, however, that’s not always the case. Sedation might be the only way the child can get through a procedure and address pressing dental needs.

When chosen right, and administered by trained professionals, sedation dentistry is nothing to worry about, even when it comes to children. 

How The Little Royals: Dentistry for Kids Can Help

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